"Ma'uka" -- Volcanoes & Deep Canyons - maui-mike


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The view upstream in Mokihana Valley, a branch of Waimea Canyon, west Kaua'i. The steep cliffs along the west bank of the Mokihana River (bottom-center portion of photo) are the remains of the west scarp of the Makaweli Graben, a trough-like feature that dropped down between a pair of immense faults associated with the early collapse of the Wai'ale'ale shield volcano the formed Kaua'i.

The long ridge on the horizon (upper-left quadrant of photo) is Kumuwela Ridge, the leading edge of the Olokele Plateau, a remnant of the original slopes of Wai'ale'ale Volcano.

waimea canyonwaimea riverwaimeawaialeale volcano