Saudi Arabia 1986-1990 - maui-mike


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The Emir's Mud Fort outside Najaran in southern Saudi Arabia near the border with Yemen. This mud brick fortification shows all the elements typical of architecture of similar structures in the Asir Region, such as the characteristically intricate lime-whitewashed turrets and crenellations. Load-supporting members are all made of palm wood trunks. The more than 60 interior rooms are completely whitewashed. Shuttered windows are cut into exterior walls to allow hot air to rise and exit the room, thus promoting air circulation. Intended as a defensive position to ensure that the military forces of the Imam of Yemen were not able to invade this part of the new Saudi kingdom in support of his claim to Najaran, construction of the mud fort began in 1942. The fort was abandoned in the late 1960s when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia normalized relations with North Yemen.

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