Saudi Arabia 1986-1990 - maui-mike


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Al-Rahmah Mosque on the Corniche. It’s only a little over a decade old and built in a blend of traditional and modern Arab styles. The popular mosque used to be known as Fatimah Mosque, but its name was changed so visitors wouldn’t mistakenly believe it had a historical association with Bibi Fatimah, daughter of the Prophet. It won numerous international architectural design awards, including the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, 1989.

The entire structure is of brick coated with plaster except for the dome interior in which the bricks are exposed and painted a dark bronze color. The prayer hall itself is at the centre of a composition that includes the mihrab, projecting outward from the eastern wall just below an oculus, an entrance porch covered by a catenary vault and a square-based minaret with an octagonal shaft. The jury commended the architect "for the effort to compose formal elements in ways that bespeak the present and at the same time reflect the luminous past of Islamic societies."

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