Coastal Desert & Beach Plants - maui-mike


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An elderly Ironwood Tree (Casuarina equisetifolia) leaning into the strong prevailing winds of Kahului Bay, north Maui. This species is well suited to withstand the strong prevailing Trade Winds of the leeward side of the island. However, it is vulnerable to the gusting hurricane-force winds common in the Islands during the summer months and is liable to be uprooted easily.

Casuarina equisetifolia, variously known as Ironwood (Hawaiian: Pa'ina), Coast She-Oak, Whistling Pine, Australian Pine, Horsetail Beefwood, Australian Oak, and Swamp Oak. Despite it's appearance, it is not related to pine trees. Has two flowers: a male flower at the tip of the "needle" and a female flower that appears to be a smaller "needle" growing at the base of the longer needle. Considered a pest species, as it forms dense stands of trees under which little else can grow.

ironwoodCasuarina equisetifoliaCasuarinaceae